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DxC 700AU

The DxC 700 AU clinical chemistry analyzer is the latest innovation in a line of reliable chemistry systems for the mid- to high-volume laboratory. The DxC 700 AU combines the best-loved (and time-tested) features of the popular DxC and AU series of clinical chemistry analyzers.


This powerful combination delivers maximal uptime, high reliability and precise performance.  The DxC 700 AU offers a fully automated, random-access system with STAT capability.


It employs spectrophotometry and potentiometry analytical principles, utilizing various analytical methods such as colorimetry, turbidimetry, latex agglutination, and indirect ISE.


With a sampler capacity of 10 samples per rack and a refrigerated STAT carousel, it provides efficient throughput of up to 800 photometric tests per hour (1,200 with ISEs).

Additionally, the DxC 700 AU features a cooled STAT compartment, priority sample repeat/reflex, and the ability to load reagents while the analyzer is in measure mode.


DxC 700 AU_v1.0.JPG

AU5800 series

Clinical chemistry analyzers in the AU5800 series are the fastest in the industry, processing up to 2,000 tests per hour with a full menu of assays, including Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) and Drugs of Abuse.


Increase lab productivity with continuous operation, powerful throughput and scalable capacity up to four modules.   


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