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The DYNEX Agility system allows for simultaneous runs of multiple ELISA tests, with walk away processing and accuracy you can depend on.

With reduced hands-on time of up to 60% and increased ELISA testing capacity, the Agility system is positioned to be your laboratory’s trusted workhorse.

Eliminate long setup times and nearly all manual liquid transfers with the capacity for 16 DYNEX SmartKits.

Experience faster automation with three robotic arms and continuous loading for up to 200 samples.

12-22-2023 Immunology - Dynex - Agility



The DYNEX DSX system provides extraordinary flexibility in your ELISA workflow.


Our automated open system handles various assays and volumes simultaneously, with the speed and accuracy your laboratory requires.


Advanced automation features at every stage of the workflow provide the walk away productivity your lab demands.


Increase assay flexibility with proficient multi-assay management of up to 96 samples on-board and 4-plate incubator.


The DYNEX DS2 open system offers sophisticated ELISA automation to address your clinicians’ need for timely and accurate results while significantly increasing your laboratory productivity.


The incredibly small footprint of the DS2 system allows for easy integration into a fast-paced laboratory. Save time with multi-assay management of up to 100 samples on-board and 2-plate incubator.


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