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Aerospray Gram Slide

Microbiologia - EliTech - Aerospray Gram Slide Stainer Cytocentrifuge

The Aerospray Gram Slide/Strainer/Cytocentrifuge automates the staining of pure strain isolate smears and human specimens with microorganisms to facilitate enhanced clarity and debris free slides using the Gram differentiation method.


Staining Advantages

  • Superior staining process that is easy to use and saves time

  • Rapid performance cycle time

  • Consistent, reliable, and standardized staining

  • Cross-contamination is eliminated with a fresh application of stain

  • Automated nozzle clean after each stain cycle reduces maintenance

  • Convenient automated waste level detection (optional)

  • Superb cytocentrifuge, resulting in a five-to nine-fold increase in the number of cells on a slide (optional)

  • Programmable functions to accommodate different intensities, and personal preferences

  • Laboratory compliance with traceability features is ensured

  • Standardized decolorization

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