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Other Specialties


VAPRO Vapor Pressure Osmometer

The advantages of vapor pressure osmometry are now embodied in the most intelligent osmometer ever produced! The VAPRO Vapor Pressure Osmometer brings unprecedented simplicity, convenience, and accuracy to the routine determination of osmolality to help meet the demands of today’s clinical and research laboratory.


Auto-calibration, a self-cleaning thermocouple, self-diagnostics, statistical analysis, and computer interface with printout capabilities make the VAPRO osmometer a must for any busy laboratory.


With a small sample requirement you can assay hard-to-get or expensive samples using the vapor pressure method.


EliTech - VAPRO Vapor Pressure Osmometer (Rev. 10-23)

 Freezing Point Osmometer

EliTech - FreezePoint Freezing Point Osmometer (Rev. 10-23)

Freezing Point Osmometer is designed for routine medical, research, and industry measurements that determine the total osmolality of aqueous solutions.


It is easily controlled via a touch screen display and step-by-step user guidance. With this instrument and a sample size as small as 15µl, you can receive rapid results in 60 seconds (Models 6000 / 6000S).


Never lose your data with a built-in printer (Models 6000P / 6000SP), PC connectivity, and data saving in stand-by mode.


The FreezePoint Freezing Point Osmometer is easy to handle and maintain with a robust design. And with an automatic, two or three point calibration, you’re always sure of the accuracy of your results.



ChloroChek Chloridometer is the perfect CF diagnostic companion to the Macroduct Advanced and is the only FDA cleared chloridometer for sweat testing.


It is easy to operate and gives results in less than 20 seconds. Simply pipette in a 10-microliter sample of sweat and get a result on the display instantly.


Macroduct Advanced is Sweat Testing at its Best

More than 5 million sweat tests have been performed with the existing Macroduct Sweat Collection System.


The Macroduct Advanced is a result of 40+ years of ongoing innovation to further standardize pilocarpine iontophoresis and sweat collection.


EliTech - Macroduct ChloroCheck (Rev. 10-23)
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