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Rotary Microtome HM 355S

Rotary Microtome HM 355S

The HM 355S is a microtome that is easy to handle and use. You can use it in an automated or semi-automatic way.

  • Safe, ergonomic, and intuitive fully automated rotary microtome

  • It has an ergonomic and removable control panel. It can be located on both sides of the microtome

  • Easy-access emergency stop button

Revos Tissue Processor

Revos Tissue Processor

The Revos processor reduces processing time due to its inclination in the chamber, reducing tissue processing time. In addition, you can monitor the reagents on its touch screen.​

  • The Revos Tissue Processor is unique, its tilted chamber improves reagent distribution, reduces tissue processing time and enables high quality processing results

  • With the Revos rotational tissue processor, your workflow can experience multiple improvements and provide confidence to your lab with high quality tissues

  • Rotational tissue processors are 7 times more efficient than conventional equipment

  • The Revos tissue processor logs and tracks reagents when using Syntry Safeguard RFID technology reagents for the total tissue processing solution

  • Reduced tissue processing turnaround time without the use of heat

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