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Anesthesia Delivery

GE Healthcare

Carestation 620

It is a compact, versatile, economical and easy-to-use anesthesia platform that has the following features:

Built-in compact design, suitable for small spaces, simple user interface and to improve workflows, scalable technology and tools for different levels of patient acuity. Helps clinicians deliver effective, accurate, and reliable anesthesia care to address today's most difficult challenges.

Carestation 620

Carestation 650

The Carestation 650  is part of a set of compact, versatile and easy-to-use anesthesia systems designed to help overcome today's toughest challenges. 


With the latest version of Carestation, we take care of every detail. We completely upended conventional wisdom and challenged ourselves to reinvent everything.  


  • Built-in compact design, suitable for small spaces 

  • Simple user interface to improve workflows 

  • Scalable technology and tools for different patient acuity levels 

  • Help clinicians deliver effective, precise and reliable anesthesia care to address today's toughest challenges

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Carestation 750

Carestation 750

Carestation 750 anesthesia workstation brings the technology you need to help manage challenges by offering:     


  • Individualized therapy, advanced clinical tools for low-flow anesthesia, and lung protective ventilation (LPV) strategies allow precise control of anesthesia delivery 

  • Easy, intuitive interface guided or direct access to functions like Lung Recruitment Maneuver, Pause Gas Flow, Alarm Off, and more help ease stress in busy perioperative settings 

  • Streamlined workflows: modular, ergonomic design along with self-guided checkout help bring a new level of convenience to case management and simplify machine maintenance 

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