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Bone & Metabolic Health

GE Healthcare



Performance and reliability with one of the largest

installed base DXA systems in the world. High performance, efficient and reliable DXA system with the versatility to offer bone density test and body composition analysis. Prodigy systems provide the option to scale up to a wide-range of clinical applications.

Lunar iDXA

Lunar iDXA deliver a high degree of clinical confidence across all body types when it comes to bone health and body composition with cutting-edge design. In your search for answers to patients' health concerns, information is everything. With Lunar iDXA, GE Healthcare offers our most advanced system to provide you with the data and images you need. Whether it's assessing bone density, fracture risk, metabolic health, pediatric development, or sarcopenia, Lunar iDXA provides a clear view of the inside of the body. 


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