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Maternal & Infant Care

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Giraffe Warmer

PCS - Maternal Infant Care - Giraffe Warmer - SYS

The mattress's rotating Baby Susan system minimizes unnecessary stimulation of the baby. It rotates 360° and can slide out of the microenvironment to facilitate the proper positioning of all types of procedures without disturbing the infant and promoting parental bonding. 

Panda Warmer

The Panda Warmer helps you focus on caring for your patients. With simple, easy-to-use features like hands-free alarm mute, full-color display, and a built-in scale, your caregivers can focus on the most critical aspects of their job: caring for newborns and their families. Easy access to your patients. Easily interact with your patients while keeping them warm and happy.


Direct heat application. Our sleek design allows you to stay cool and comfortable (without having to crouch under an overhead heater). The compact size allows more space for you and your family to interact with your little patient. Turnkey technology. 

PCS - Maternal Infant Care - Panda Warmer - SYS

Giraffe Incubator

Giraffe Incubator

Newborns in the NICU need extra special care from doctors and their families. One of the most advanced, neurodevelopmental-supporting microenvironments, the Carestation Giraffe Incubator is specially designed to give babies the comfort and stability they need to grow, heal and come home healthy.

Giraffe OmniBed Carestation

The Giraffe OmniBed Carestation is an incubator with all the radiant and warmer functions in one. The Giraffe OmniBed and care station was designed to bring babies one step closer to experiencing the hug of their parents and coming home healthy. Exceptional healing environments for high-acuity newborns. 

Giraffe provides: 

  • Comfortable and constantly controlled thermal environments 

  • Family-centered and developmentally supportive care solutions 

  • Improved patient access and visibility 

  • High-tech, easy-to-use features and functionality 

  • Reliable clinical performance 

  • Reduced stress for the patient, caregiver and family

PCS - Maternal Infant Care - Giraffe Omnibed - SYS

Corometric 259

PCS - Maternal Infant Care - Corometric 259 - SYS

The Corometrics 250cx series (maternal-fetal monitor) provides complete perinatal monitoring and the flexibility and convenience that gives you instant access to the detailed information you need during childbirth. Having that information available helps you to provide a positive birth experience for mother and baby. 

Corometric 170

Fetal Monitor that non-invasively tracks a baby's heart rate to perform resting testing and provides accurate information. Compact, lightweight and designed for prepartum applications in offices or hospitals, it is available when mothers need it most. 

PCS - Maternal Infant Care - Corometric 170 - SYS

Novii Wireless Patch System

Fototerapia  Lulally Led

The Novii Wireless Patch System is an intrapartum maternal/fetal monitor that non-invasively measures and displays fetal heart rate, maternal heart rate, and uterine activity. Novii provides the opportunity to enhance your current job monitoring experience. Connects to the Corometrics 259cx Series Maternal/Fetal Monitor and allows data to flow seamlessly to your existing monitoring and archiving system.

Lullaby LED Phototherapy

The Lullaby LED phototherapy system offers you excellent clinical performance and maximum savings. The combination of a tailored wavelength, high intensity and uniform light distribution results in a 28% faster degradation of total serum bilirubin. 

Fototerapia  Lulally Led


Fototerapia  Billisoft

Bilisoft offers phototherapy anywhere; in the neonatal intensive care unit, pediatrics, nursery or at home. It can be used with a radiant warmer, incubator, bassinet, crib, or while in the arms of a caregiver. Additionally, the flat, padded BiliSoft 2.0 cover allows you to wrap the baby and the phototherapy pad together. 

Giraffe Blue Spot PT Lite

The Giraffe Blue Spot PT Lite system is an exceptional solution for the treatment of hyperbilirubinemia in babies. Blue Spot PT Lite employs advanced technology, high-intensity light output, and a large focal spot size to help ensure patient dose effectiveness and rapid results. The light source is safely hidden to protect patients from ambient heat and noise, as well as the risks associated with installing bulky equipment above the patient's head. 


Designed to be as easy for healthcare professionals as it is for patients, this lightweight system features a fiber optic light tube and innovative gooseneck design. These features make it very easy to direct light exactly where it is needed, without limiting patient access. 


The Blue Spot PT system's compact size and flexible mounting options make it the best choice even for space-constrained neonatal care environments. 

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