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Patient Monitoring

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Carescape v100

Designed for care areas where patients require vital sign measurements. The CARESCAPE V100 monitor is the ideal “2 in 1” device. Its ease of mobility and versatility means that it can be used for continuous use, monitoring or for routine vital signs checks, without needing to take up valuable doctor time.


In this way, overall productivity considerably increases. The monitor's ruggedness, with up to 11 hours of battery life, gives you the reliability and mobility you need to monitor patients throughout the unit.

B105P | B125P

The B105P and B125P patient monitors are accurate, reliable and easy-to-use patient monitors that enable a simple and intuitive workflow. The simple and intuitive workflow of the B105P and B125P patient monitors allows users to quickly view relevant case information on a single screen.


Large numeric and 12 waveform display, multiple screen layout options and pre-configured modes, custom alarm management, parameter trend analysis with 72 hours of full disclosure data, enhanced intuitive interface with its responsive capacitive touch screen, manual simplified electronics and intelligent help for quick setup and troubleshooting.


Monitor B105P y B125P - SYS.png

B 105M | B 125M | B 155M

Excellent performance for inpatient monitoring while providing exceptional value. Provides accurate medical data that drives improved care for patients in all areas of care.


The B1x5M range of modular patient monitors help you quickly take care of patient conditions such as arrhythmia and high/low blood pressure and efficiently assess the level of consciousness.


They integrate seamlessly with the CARESCAPE ecosystem for centralized alarm management and efficient workflow. Clinical tools such as VTach criteria, Tachy, Full Arrhythmia with Analysis and full disclosure can help enable better clinical care and faster decision making.


These monitors come in pre-configured and modular versions, with the option of 10, 12 or 15-inch touch screens.

Monitores B1x5 (B105 M B125M B155M) SYS (1).png


The CARESCAPE B450 monitor is a compact bedside device with the ability to adapt to different patient needs. It is a lightweight device, capable of offering patient monitoring and data continuity during intra-hospital transfers high performance in a compact design.


Specific software packages for the PACU/REA, intensive care, neonatal care, and emergency room facilitate monitor configuration. The pages and profiles feature gives medical professionals the flexibility to easily adapt monitor settings to their patients' needs.  Its combined monitoring capability allows telemetry monitoring of patients directly at the bedside. 

PCS - Monitoreo - Carescape B450_v3 - SYS


The CARESCAPE B650 monitor can helps you manage patient flow by providing you with the right clinical information when and where you need it. The pages and profiles feature with specific software for OR, PACU, ICU, NICU, and ER can increase workflow flexibility and efficiency by configuring monitors based on unit standards and patient populations.


  • Exceptional alarm system functionality, including automatic alarm viewing that automatically shares clinically important alarms within and between healthcare units and allows you to set limits and priorities, which can help you optimize your workflow 

  • Integrated USB ports let you connect a keyboard, mouse, barcode readers and other data entry accessories 

  • Its compact and ergonomic design with rotating module holder adapts to different environments and allows it to be customized with multiparameter modules and other options 

PCS - Monitoreo - Carescape B650 SYS


CARESCAPE™ B850 Monitor offers the highest quality with great flexibility and expandability, making it ideal for even the most critical patient monitoring requirements.


It offers both data continuity and reliable integration between different areas of healthcare. Its intuitive design ensures easy use regardless of staff experience level, and upgradability protects your long-term investments. Innovative algorithms help make accurate diagnoses, including EK-Pro, DINAMAP™ non-invasive blood pressure measurement and 12 SL™ diagnostic ECG with direct bi-directional connection to the MUSE™ ECG database.


  • Complete respiratory monitoring, from standard CO2 to optional metabolic and gas exchange monitoring

  • Several parameters can help you evaluate the adequacy of anesthesia in the operating room and provide guidance on whether the patient is ready to be taken off the ventilator in the ICU

  • Exceptional alarm system functionality, which automatically shares clinically important alarms within and across healthcare units and allows you to configure alarm limits and priorities, which can help you optimize your workflow and reduce alarm fatigue

  • Integration with the GE Healthcare gateway allows communication with electronic medical record systems through the standard HL7® protocol

B850 v3

CARESCAPE Central Station 

Designed for space optimization and workflow efficiency, CARESCAPE™ Central Station transforms a regular central station into a clinician-centric workstation.


By integrating monitoring and historical data from multiple sources, it helps you make fast, reliable decisions, all in one efficient, space-saving package. Featuring an all-in-one system with integrated CPU and a 16:9 touch screen, the CARESCAPE Central Station's wide selection of options provides flexibility to meet your clinical needs while making the most of limited space. 

Centrales all in one

ApexPro CH Telemetry System


ApexPro CH Telemetry System expanding the power of telemetry. Patient care and outcomes are physicians' top priorities.


The ApexPro CH transmitter addresses both with exceptional detection and analysis of patient data to help monitor the status of your outpatients more comprehensively and accurately.


By providing proven reliability and innovative clinical technology for centralized or decentralized monitoring, the ApexPro CH telemetry system helps reduce the potential for transmission interference, dropout, and downtime, enabling better care and better outcomes. 


With a lightweight and intuitive design, each patient monitor is ready for intra-hospital transport without the need for additional components.


The CARESCAPE ONE monitor helps make patient transport almost effortless. A large screen highlights a slim, lightweight unit that rides on a simple bed stand. Parameters are easily added via miniaturized plug-and-play micromodules. 


The elegant and simple transport workflow allows you to focus on the patient, not the device. Simply attach the CARESCAPE ONE to the CARESCAPE bedside monitor, and then at the destination. With a smart design, alarms are not interrupted, data continuity is preserved at all times and sent to the EMR. 

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