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Point of Care

GE Healthcare

Venue Go

Venue Go is a take-anywhere ultrasound system that provides the latest technologies to help deliver simple, fast and precise solutions to the point of care community. It has been designed and tested to be walk up easy to use for even novice users and it features a number of AI-enabled automated tools to accelerate clinical workflow while also reducing the fatigue of repeated and difficult tasks.  


Venue Go includes three active probe ports and an up to 2-hour of scan time battery. It is a versatile ultrasound that allows the user to scan with the system as a console, a portable compact or even as a zero-footprint system. Venue Go also supports infection prevention efforts with its single surface touch screen interface and thoughtful cable management that puts probes up top and keeps cables off of the ground. 

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Venue Fit

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Venue Fit™ is an ultrasound system that provides the latest advanced technologies to help deliver a simple, fast, and precise solution to the Point of Care ultrasound community. Its innovative design may also be useful for traditional users in a variety of clinical settings.

Venue Fit combines a single-surface touch screen interface, which is great for quick clean-up, with cords-off-the-floor docking for transducer protection. It has been designed and tested to allow walk-up simplicity to minimize training.


This versatile system allows the user to scan with the Venue Fit as a compact system, as a console, or attached to a boom, freeing up much-needed space in an otherwise overcrowded environment. The Venue Fit system is built on GE Healthcare’s advanced cSound™ Imageformer providing ploppable image quality for users who want to scan and go.

Automated tools help reduce the fatigue of repeated and difficult tasks and help simplify and accelerate clinical workflow. The tap, pinch, and slide gestures used in the Venue Fit user interface have the familiar feel of contemporary consumer devices. Underneath it all, Venue Fit displays an impressive set of features designed for the novice as well as the demanding user, both of whom need to be ready to scan at any moment.


Venue is a high-performance ultrasound system that features the latest technologies and designed specifically for the point of care. It combines a simple, intuitive interface with a solid foundation of ploppable image quality from GE Healthcare’s cSound™ Imageformer. Venue has been designed and tested to be walk-up easy to use for even the most novice user and it features a number of AI-enabled automated tools that simplify and accelerate clinical workflow while reducing the fatigue of repeated and difficult tasks. 


Venue features a small footprint that fits into tight spaces and it caneasily be positioned to accommodate the unique work settings of point of care use. It is easy to clean with a single-surface touch screen and thoughtful probe management that keeps cables off of the ground to support infection prevention efforts. 

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Vscan air

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Vscan Air is a battery-operated general-purpose diagnostic ultrasound imaging system for use by qualified and trained healthcare professionals or practitioners. It enables ultrasound imaging guidance, visualization and measurement of anatomical structures and fluid.

Vscan Air consists of a dual-headed probe, which integrates both curved and linear array transducers, and an app that can be installed on Android™ or iOS® mobile devices. Its pocket-sized portability and simplified user interface enables integration into training sessions and examinations in professional healthcare facilities (ex. hospital, clinic, medical office, home environment, road/air ambulance and in other environments described in the product user manual).

The information can be used for basic/focused assessments and adjunctively with other medical data for clinical diagnosis purposes during routine, periodic follow-up, and triage assessments for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. Vscan Air can also be useful for interventional guidance.

Vscan Air customers have access to the Vscan web portal, including online access to product and product usage information for selected clinical scenarios.


The NextGen LOGIQ e combines the high performance of a console system with the portability of a laptop. GE Healthcare’s compact system is designed for general imaging, musculoskeletal, anesthesiology, interventional, emergency, and critical care applications. It provides ultrasound imaging with precise anatomical detail at a variety of depths. With enhanced cybersecurity measures from the Windows® 10 operating platform, the system includes innovative features that help simplify interventional procedures. 

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