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Women's Health

GE Healthcare

Voluson P8

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With the Voluson™ P8, you can depend on an easy to use system that helps provide consistent, exceptional images across applications – from routine OB evaluations and gynecological studies to labor and delivery.

Voluson S8

The Voluson™ S8 is designed to help streamline imaging procedures - from the intuitive user interface to the built-in automation and

advanced software tools, helping you make the most of every day and every exam.

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Voluson Expert 22

voluson expert 22 (2)

The Voluson Expert 22 is a premium imaging platform that combines extraordinary image quality with our superb volume ultrasound technology.  


The Voluson Expert 22 is for clinical trailblazers who want to continue to set new limits in women’s healthcare. Our powerful and adaptive lyric architecture combined with unmatched probe technology and progressive imaging tools will help find answers to complex cases earlier.  


The classic, modern Voluson design with AI features supports efficient workflow increasing satisfaction and daily activities.  


Because like you, we don’t just hope for a healthier future for women. We insist on creating it. 

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