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Molecular Reference Lab


EZ2 Connect MDx

EZ2 Connect

EZ2 Connect MDx is an advanced, automated system that uses magnetic particle technology for nucleic acid extraction. Offers greater convenience, efficiency, and control over the extraction process. It is an essential tool in research laboratories and clinical laboratories requiring reliable, high-quality extraction of DNA and RNA. It has the capacity to process up to 24 samples in parallel.   

Regardless of the type of sample you need to work with, whether it is FFPE samples, liquid biopsy samples, cells, tissue, whole blood, or other sample types.  

It also uses prefilled reagent cartridges and ready-to-use protocols, making the extraction process even easier. Reduce pretreatment efforts with automated reagent pipetting and integrated warming for incubations.  

Additionally, the EZ2 Connect MDx has additional features such as an integrated barcode scanner for sample tracking and a UV decontamination option to ensure the integrity of the results. 

QIAcube Connect MDx

QIAcube Connect MDx

The QIAcube Connect MDx is designed to perform a variety of nucleic acid purification and analysis processes efficiently and accurately, as well as sample preparation. Standardize your sampling procedure and free yourself from repetitive manual work. It is a flexible system that automates over 80 kits with more than 140 standard protocols included. Custom protocols can also be programmed to meet needs.  


It can extract pure nucleic acids, up to 12 samples in parallel, for infectious diseases, oncology, inherited diseases, and research applications. The system is designed to be easy to use and offers an intuitive interface that allows for quick and easy configuration.   


Additionally, the QIAcube Connect MDx is connected to an online database called QIAcube Connect Manager, which offers efficient management of samples and results. This allows for accurate sample tracking, reporting, and integration with other laboratory systems. 


Rotor-Gene Q-Dx

he Rotor-Gene Q is a small, lightweight PCR thermocycler for flexibility in your laboratory. Detects and quantifies the presence of nucleic acids in a biological sample. It is a versatile and powerful tool in molecular research and diagnosis, widely used in fields such as: Medical diagnosis, allowing the detection and quantification of the presence of pathogens in clinical samples from patients. 

In scientific research to facilitate the study of gene expression and the analysis of specific genes in different organisms and tissues. It is also used to investigate the presence of genetic mutations and for genotyping of samples.  

Rotor-Gene Q individual

In pharmacogenomics to help determine the effectiveness and safety of medications based on the genetic characteristics of patients. And finally, in food analysis, detecting the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in food and agricultural products. Requires minimal maintenance, no need to calibrate or replace lamp. Its light source is LED which allows a highly stable useful life.  

QIA Symphony

QIAsymphony is an advanced platform designed to agility and simplify laboratory workflows. With its innovative technology, the equipment enables the preparation, purification, and automated analysis of DNA, RNA, and proteins from a wide range of sample types.  


It offers flexibility in sample volumes and can handle high and low throughput applications. The QIAsymphony AS expands the capabilities of the QIAsymphony SP by integrating automated PCR assay setup. 

QIAsymphony AS SP

It is compatible with the most common downstream assay technologies, such as real-time PCR, digital PCR, and next-generation sequencing (NGS).


The wide range of specific QIAsymphony kits enables optimized purification of genomic DNA, circulating cell-free DNA, RNA, and bacterial and viral nucleic acids from a wide range of starting materials.

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