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Tissue - Tek Prisma Plus

12-22-2023 Pathology- Sakura - Tissue - tek Prisma Plus

It is an automated slide staining system. The preferred equipment for histology and cytology laboratories.

It has a high throughput of 530 slides per hour. You can perform STAT runs unlike other equipment that does not allow it.

Multiple protocols can be run on the Tissue -Tek Prisma Plus with the advantage and increased flexibility of up to 60 stations.


Tissue - Tek Tec 6 Embedding Console System

Tissue-Tek Tec 6 Embedding Console System (1)
  • This inclusion center was ergonomically designed for the benefit of the user

  • It features a color touch screen with easy-to-navigate on-screen controls that allow for easy setup and operation

  • Adjustable LED illumination improves sample visibility while eliminating workplace clutter from external lighting or lamps

  • The paraffin chamber capacity is 4 liters

  • Can handle up to 150 cassettes in its thermal chambershe cryo-console has space for up to 60 cassette blocks

Tissue - Tek VIP 6 AI Vacuum Infiltration Processor

  • Processing capacity is up to 300 cassettes

  • The first and only tissue processor that offers mixed solutions for advanced fatty tissue infiltration

  • Automatic reagent transfer helps to reduce processing time

  • The reagent area is illuminated by LEDs for better and faster visualization of reagent levels

  • It has automatic rotation of paraffin in the waste container to save time and avoid spills

Tissue-Tek VIP® 6 AI Vacuum Infiltration Processor
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