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Hydrasys 2 Scan


Hydrasys 2 Scan Focusing is the “all-in-one” analyzer for gel electrophoresis. The system offers analytical solutions for a high level of performance, matching clinical diagnostic requirements.


The analyzer carries out electrophoresis steps, from sample application to final reading. It is a fast and easy to operate instrument, offering a comprehensive test menu of more than 60 HYDRAGEL programs.


Its' large menu includes: Serum and urine Protein, Serum and urine Immunofixation, Hemoglobin disorders, Lipid electrophoresis, among others.

Capillarys 3 Tera

Capillarys 3 Tera is a unique and exclusive automation programs, designed to address the current and future need of all laboratories. Capillarys 3 Tera offers the enhanced throughput of 12 capillaries systems.

The analyzer offers a broad assays menu: Serum and Urine Proteins Electrophoresis (SPE and UPE), Serum and Urine Immunotyping, Hb A1c on venous and capillary Blood and Hemoglobin electrophoresis.

The Capillarys 3 Tera program was developed to fulfill all laboratories’ requirements in total confidence in a fast-changing environment.

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