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Creating scalable and modular analyzers, customized for each laboratory’s needs, with precision and accuracy is an art form.

The Sysmex UN-Series Automated Urinalysis Solution is a fully scalable urinalysis solution, delivering comprehensive assessment of urinalysis results.

  • A system integrated by Clinitek Novus, UF-5000 and UD-10

  • 240 Chemistry samples/hour 

  • 105 Fluorescent Flow samples/hour 

  • 50 Digital Image samples/hour 

Bionuclear Equipment

Clinitek Novus

CLINITEK Novus (1)

Clinitek Novus is a fully automated urine chemistry analyzer that offers a full spectrum of urinalysis screening parameters with a throughput of up to 240 samples/hour. Dry-pad chemistry testing ensures maximum productivity, streamlined workflow and consistent, high-quality results.

  • Accepts up to 450 test sets and processes up to 240 samples/hour

  • Automated entry of lot number and expiration date via RFID tag

  • Supports a wide range of testing volumes

  • Dry-pad urine chemistry with color change measured by reflectance photometry

  • Specific gravity measured by refractive index method

  • Clarity measured by transmitted and scattered light

  • Automatic urine color correction provided for abnormally-dark simples

  • Automated checks include humidity exposure, low sample level, waste bottle full, rinse bottle empty, card waste drawer full, low tests remaining

  • This analyzer offers a full spectrum of urinalysis screening parameters with a throughput of up 240 samples/hour


Urianalisis - Sysmex - UF-5000 (Rev. 10-23)

The Sysmex UF-5000 Fully Automated Urine Particle Analyzer uses fluorescent flow cytometry technology to provide reliable, precise and accurate urine particle differentiation and counts.


  • 5 reportable parameters

  • 5 flagged parameters

  • 450 μL aspiration volume

  • Required sample volume (Rack mode 2mL; STAT mode 0.6mL)

  • 105 samples max. per hour

UN-2000N is a fully automated system including two instruments; Clinitek Novus and UF5000, for chemistry and urine particles analysis. Both instruments are connected by an intelligent sampler to move rack samples from Clinitek Novus to UF-5000 in an automated way. 

02-21-2023 UN-2000N - Sysmex- Uroanálisis



As a complementary device to the UF-5000 Automated Particle Analyzer, the UD-10 offers digital reviews for identifying pathological elements flagged at the UF-5000.

The Sysmex UD-10 Automated Urine Particle Digital Imaging Device is an integral part of the UN-Series Automated Urinalysis Solution. A high-performance, digital camera captures microscope-quality images and the particles are grouped by size and presented to the operator for classification.

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