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Hemochron Signature Elite

Hematologia - Werfen - Hemochron Signatu

Assay indicated for use during Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS), Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI), vascular procedures, neurointerventional procedures, dialysis. PT/Citrate PT report INR with an effective INR range of 0.8-10.0 as well as whole blood seconds and plasma equivalent seconds. Our APTT and Citrate APTT report whole blood seconds and plasma equivalent seconds on samples containing heparin levels up to 1.5 U/mL.


Complete Assay Menu: ACT+, ACT-LR, PT, Citrate PT, APTT, Citrate APTT

  • Fast and simple

  • Fast, accurate reproducible results for critical patient-management decisions. Simple, single-use, cartridge-based technology measures fibrin clot formation

  • Connectivity and compliance

To maximize efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance, automatic internal electronic Quality Control (EQC) with QC lockout, including cartridge and QC expiration, as well as operator tracking and lockout. Direct connection to Ethernet and major information systems. POCT-1A compliant.

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